Instant Index: Queen Elizabeth's Royal Controversy
1:25 | 05/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Instant Index: Queen Elizabeth's Royal Controversy
For instance index tonight starts off for the Royal Oak cliff awful take a look at this space at the -- of the clean commissioned by the palace to mark her sixty years on the thrown trouble -- -- Look again critics say it doesn't resemble her they saint Margaret Thatcher and maybe even a hint of Winston Churchill. We also have a new -- tonight in the mystery of a millionaire Hartford nearly eighty years scientists have since. Searching the Pacific for clues about how the pioneering pilot vanished. -- now look what they have found. You can make out -- Chicago. White line on the sonar image. And scientists believe it is the wreckage of -- plane. It's man made 32 feet long and by the way her plane. Plus 38 feet. And here's something that created a stir today -- CEO of McDonald's Donald Thompson said in the last year. He lost twenty pounds even though -- at McDonald's every day. By the way he also started exercising. So we asked McDonald's exactly what he -- and here's what they reply quote. Thanks for your note Don enjoys a variety of food from McDonald's menu. He's traveling and I don't have more details. On this exact borders. We'll see you wouldn't get the -- you know. And we love your ideas for the instant index so be sure to tweak them to me at Diane Sawyer.

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