Made in America Investigation: American Workers Fighting Back

Some products imply they're made in America, but they're not.
3:42 | 08/27/14

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Transcript for Made in America Investigation: American Workers Fighting Back
And next tonight, our made in America investigation. Customers who believe they're buying products made in America right down to the packaging. But as you're about to see despite the flags, red white and blue, they're actually made in China. David Muir, the head of our made in America team is fighting back tonight. They are fighting mad. We know the power of those words, made in America, customers actually looking for the labels again. What happens when that label doesn't really mean when it says? Reporter: So many of you at home tweeted us, e-mailed us and sent us those images, those dish towels for example, complete with the American flag, down below, made in China. The oven mits by American mills made in Pakistan. How about this, we glove the usa made in Vietnam. Look at this, made in China. Many of you pointed out this one, United States sweaters made in China. It seems the whole world knows the power of saying something is made in America. Many are putting American flags all over their products, even when they're not made here. One viewer asking, what are they thinking? Authorities say they're thinking, made in America sells. At the international property rights center we were given a first hand look. Do you think Americans would be shocked to know just how much of what they're buying is actually fake? Most Americans have no idea. The director takes us into the room where they pulled out the fakes. He says one of the most eye opening example, Rosetta stone. It turns out some people are copying it, saying it's made here when it's not. This looks like the Rosetta stone that you would order, and yet this one came from -- From China. Reporter: In fact, look closer at the spelling errors. Even the state department spelled wrong. And the peace corps, look how they spelled this. These are two websites side by side. Correct. One is the real thing and one is the fake. Can you tell which. Reporter: We were stumped. It's really hard to tell. Reporter: All different websites selling Rosetta stone and all of them fake. If you go to the real website you'll find this picture from the woman? Exact picture. Reporter: Just imagine tonight how those American workers on the line feel. We went to find them in Virginia. There's someone out there that's making their own money off of our hard work. Reporter: Tonight with help from authorities they're hoping to get a handle on this and get some of those jobs back. I look at counterfeiting as an obstacle that we're going to overcome. Reporter: It's a big one. They show us the stacks of counterfeits sent in by customers who thought they were made here. It ranch anchors them to think of it. Tonight they reveal this number. 35% of their business lost to counterfeiters. They want that business and those American jobs back. Made in America! Reporter: Incredible to think of the jobs they could add if they could knock down a fraction of this. Diane, the spelling errors on the boxes, the state department, the peace corps, check the box at home. That's where we began, trying to create American jobs. How many reports on made in America have we done? We asked the producers to crunch the Numbers today. 150 reports and updates since we started three years ago, small towns all over America looking for small town victories? And next week? Something all of our fighter pilots rely on and I brought you something back.

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{"id":25153701,"title":"Made in America Investigation: American Workers Fighting Back","duration":"3:42","description":"Some products imply they're made in America, but they're not.","url":"/WNT/video/made-america-investigation-american-workers-fighting-back-25153701","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}