Mother saves toddler and unborn baby from disaster

Heather Vaden kicked through her car window after she swerved off a road and her door was submerged in water.
1:31 | 11/23/17

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Transcript for Mother saves toddler and unborn baby from disaster
Back thousand with the story about a kwi-thinking mom behind the wheel, saving her toddler and her unborn baby from disaster. What she did that every driver needs to remember. Here's ABC's senior national correspondent Matt Gutman. Reporter: It's a haunting image. Inside that SUV was a mother and her toddler, with nowhere to go but down. A lot of things were going through my head. How could I get us out, or are we getting stuck in here? Reporter: Heather Vaden says she swerved to miss a dog, and lost control. We hit the fence and then we went straight into the water. Reporter: In seconds, the car submerged, water pressure making it impossible to open the door. I was like, looking for anything possible that I could break it with, nothing. So, I just kept kicking the window and finally it broke out. Reporter: Vaden swam her son to safety. But every year, 300 Americans die in submerged cars. It's something we investigated. Taking a closer look with trained safety professionals, then hitting the water. Try the door now. Receive if you can open it. Reporter: The experts say, always keep a sharp object or window punching tool like the one I'm using in the car, and never reach for your cell phone. If you touch your cell phone, you're probably going to die. You've got about a one-minute period when you can open the windows, before the water gets up above the side windows. Reporter: I shimmy out and watch how quickly this car goes under. The divers still inside. Seconds later, they pop out, their training and experience the difference between being a victim and escape. Matt Gutman, ABC news, los Angeles.

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{"id":51352361,"title":"Mother saves toddler and unborn baby from disaster","duration":"1:31","description":"Heather Vaden kicked through her car window after she swerved off a road and her door was submerged in water.","url":"/WNT/video/mother-saves-toddler-unborn-baby-disaster-51352361","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}