And the Powerball Winners Are...

Three $448 million jackpot winners are from New Jersey and Minnesota.
2:08 | 08/08/13

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Transcript for And the Powerball Winners Are...
that powerball jackpot, $448 million. There were three winning tickets and today the owner of one of those tickets, a dad in minnesota, came forward. His family by his side. Their lives about to change. Here is abc's linsey davis. Reporter: Meet paul white, america's newest multi-millionaire. Less than 12 hours after the drawing those 45 electrical engineer came forward to collect his share of the $485 million jackpot. I feel this pressure off my shoulders that you carry every day with you. I have two kids. Am I going to be able to pay for them to go to college? All these things gone. Reporter: After taxes he is $175 million richer. The remaining will be split between two mysterious millionaires, one ticket bought here in south brunswick, new jersey. There are several other newly minted millionaires today, in colorado, texas and oklahoma, powerball ticket holders earned a $2 million prize. There were $1 million winner in a total of 16 states. White says he's been banking on this win for a while, something he joked about in a game with his siblings. The joke was their financial plan consists is of playing the Everybody picked my name and they thought it was funny then. Who is right now? Reporter: White says his first purchase is likely going to be a 63 impala for his 80-year-old dad. As for the stores that sold those winning tickets they are all going to get a little jackpot of its own. This stop and shop says it's likely going to donate it's money to the community. People have been lining up to get their powerball tickets for saturday night's drawing, another $40 million. I love his first purchase by the way. Thank you so much.

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{"id":19910904,"title":"And the Powerball Winners Are...","duration":"2:08","description":"Three $448 million jackpot winners are from New Jersey and Minnesota.","url":"/WNT/video/powerball-winners-19910904","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}