Seniors Stranded by Sandy: Elderly Renters Trapped in Apartment Buildings

Senior citizens in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey.
3:00 | 11/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Seniors Stranded by Sandy: Elderly Renters Trapped in Apartment Buildings
indiana to the american communities still suffering tonight, two weeks after hurricane sandy brought the wind and the water. And some of the poorest neighborhoods and most vulnerable people are still in desperate need of help. Even after all the time and all the money that has poured in. Abc's steve osunsami walked the streets to investigate why. Reporter: We went climbing those long and dark stairs in red hook, brooklyn, at the new york city housing authority, where thousands of families are still living without heat and electricity. Bedroom is ice cold. Reporter: Some of the 47,000 without power across the city. You just have to, well, pray. And hope for the best. Reporter: We found mia tarver and her family using steam from boiling water to keep warm. Thank god my stove works. If we didn't have the stove, i don't think I could stay here. Reporter: The stove is what's keeping you warm. Yeah. Reporter: Outside, long lines at the relief agencies for bread, blankets and soup. The red cross and other agencies are here. But families are entering their third week without power and they want someone held accountable. We were left behind. That's all I can say. We were left behind. They forgot about us. We, too, pay taxes. Reporter: They worry there's no one to restore the power here, because they're poor. The local power utilities say they've done their job. The pouter is here, at the curb. But the housing authority says it can't bring the electricity in because the equipment in the basement is still wet. We took our questions to management and were shown the door. You have to get out. You can't come in here. Reporter: But we didn't find the public housing chairman telling us that generators and pumps from as far away as texas started arriving over the weekend. They have not been forgotten. We've been focused on red hook and all our families that have been court critical services. Reporter: Families here are beyond frustrated, worried they could be without power until thanksgiving. The housing authority said it will do everything it can to make sure that doesn't happen.

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{"id":17702487,"title":"Seniors Stranded by Sandy: Elderly Renters Trapped in Apartment Buildings","duration":"3:00","description":"Senior citizens in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey.","url":"/WNT/video/seniors-stranded-sandy-elderly-renters-trapped-apartment-buildings-17702487","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}