Veteran Storm Chasers Killed in Oklahoma Tornado

Storm killed team that for years had captured video for TV viewers and weather researchers.
2:43 | 06/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Veteran Storm Chasers Killed in Oklahoma Tornado
-- veteran Storm Chasers were killed by the tornado in Oklahoma. ABC's meteorologist ginger -- now tells us what she's learned about the loss of the man who -- her mentors. And her friends. First and foremost -- -- Harris was a family man. He was also a passion scientist and engineer. He knew and respected the power of the atmosphere tornadoes in such a random -- event is very very difficult to forecast exactly where their reform Friday. Tim his son Paul and colleague Carl young were chasing and among those killed in the violence El Reno tornado. Tim was found seat -- in the car the others apparently pulled from the car by the twister. The -- Tim was known as one of the most cautious in the business a published scientist who had been chasing storms for at least three delegates. To say -- work that Tim was doing helped us understand tornadoes is an understatement. He would deploy his creation called the -- -- in 2007. Storm chaser -- -- captured this stunning video in Ellis county Oklahoma. And right there. Those are essentially small tornadoes inside the bigger tornado called suction -- -- seats before this video scientists had suspected that they fit. But had no it's accurate. This helped explain why one house would be completely demolished in a tornado and the house next door totally fine. But there are -- that give these scientists -- that -- the Internet and Smartphones have created an explosion and Storm Chasers than we first. -- -- going out in the early ninety's. There were very very few groups out there by the time we got to say maybe for five years ago it was not uncommon at hundreds and hundreds of cars. They've been blamed for storm chasing traffic jams and unsafe conditions in the past. Officials say that may have been the case Friday night. There's -- no value in what they're doing. Other than for their own personal information. Real legitimate Storm Chasers like the late -- -- Maris they're dedicated to the science and study of tornadoes and learning more frequently fascinating phenomenon. I never asked that -- that I will never chasing storms now that probably won't happen. Much like a doctor uses a cadaver to learn and not just a textbook meteorologists use storm chasing to study the atmosphere now this I want to show -- is one of the more advanced storm chasing vehicles. Meant to be hit by debris. And it's got beat its -- by a group called TV and whether and they put the PVC pipes. These parents to probe they got up into the tornado measuring temperature dew point and pressure -- Thank you ginger and that was a tough weekend for you and your reporting is such a tribute. To your friends.

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{"id":19316265,"title":"Veteran Storm Chasers Killed in Oklahoma Tornado","duration":"2:43","description":"Storm killed team that for years had captured video for TV viewers and weather researchers.","url":"/WNT/video/veteran-storm-chasers-killed-oklahoma-tornado-19316265","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}