World News 2/21: Winter Weather Blasts Nation

'Blade Runner' Shocker: Lead Detective Replaced; Iranians Face Drug Shortage
13:36 | 02/21/13

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Transcript for World News 2/21: Winter Weather Blasts Nation
Right now sixty million Americans is the capital record breaking storm. The Hollywood home losers -- Here's what you should have in the car -- didn't sit. I'm listen -- gun fight right in front of the famous casinos in Las Vegas new details on the unfolding mystery -- we'll answer. Sweated out on the exercise machines but. Your brother knows how -- distance numbers stay tuned. -- -- Quarters. This. Good evening at this very moment. Sixty million Americans are trying to navigate a record breaking storm the snow and the ice. And even the explosive force of what experts call thunder snow. And the heartland is taking the hardest hit look at Kansas highway of motionless cars. Stretching out to the horizon. ABC's meteorologist ginger -- is standing in the middle of what would ordinarily be rush hour and to pick a -- -- And here in Kansas where they have declared a state of emergency and yes this is downtown to -- on main roads nobody -- ninth. The snow is still very slick -- officials and others from here to Nebraska Illinois and Missouri asking people. To stay off the roads tonight. Halted in the heartland the monster snowstorm made for white knuckle driving from cars being pushed and pulled in Kansas City. To this caught up in flames after revving the engine trying to get up -- -- in Kansas inside the baking this storm it looked like -- The ability had about a quarter mile and sounded like that renting a room. Understandable highways are shut down from Missouri to Kansas just got out of control -- and so. Due to the let -- condition. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ice was an issue in parts of Arkansas and Missouri where freezing rain made travel dangerous. At the storm's peak snow fell at an amazing rate up to three inches per hour. Look quickly it adds up and Arkansas on his time lapse video. Ending gulf this friendly garden -- in Kansas City here's the big snow goes next parts of the Great Lakes and northern midwest -- get up to a half foot tonight. The -- Kansas farmers say every -- Is welcome for the water equivalents tally just about ten alignment sat in on him now -- that -- There. And ensuring and it's -- waters did. We'll take it dairy farmer Tim. We'll get our spring crops -- are looking ahead to spring but winter is still in full force tonight. Drivers are facing treacherous roads in the storms them. Before you get in the car here are some lifesaving tips keep water and nonperishable food -- blank it's but -- -- it stays warm even when -- gets let. And have a snow shovel to help you dig out. So here's another -- -- want to grab some of these emergency flares when visibility go down to zero L. That name be the only thing that people see and it would likely save her life Diane. And those -- come on so fast thank you ginger cities and now we move on to the new and strange twist tonight. In the case against Olympic hero Oscar historians charged with murder. Tonight the case is turning upside down an ABC's by the economic he has the latest. Tonight a radical reversal the eyes of judgment heard from Olympian Oscar historians to one of the people accusing him chief investigator Hilton hotel. Botha had been the prosecution's key witness his testimony of the most likely keep his story is in jail. But today and embarrassed prosecutors said they didn't know the detective was being investigated for seven counts of attempted murder. Opening fire on a passenger mini bus in 2011. -- handled it -- I mean that she should it be could be legal analysts say the bail hearing has suddenly turned in favor of the blade runner. The champion who made millions for his inspiring accomplishments. None of -- and in concert and if things that I couldn't do it but since the Valentine's Day shooting he -- not been able to keep sponsors by his side. Nike today becoming one of the latest companies to suspend his contract meanwhile friends of -- and Oscar are trying to make sense of it all we have faith in the fact that she told cops. Read his roommate told ABC news she hasn't been able to change -- thing in her friend's room. She said -- planned to give a talk to high school girls about abusive relationships. As far as she knew the couple was happy. Still I still. Hence our remaining moments and -- -- -- Kevin Lorraine and it can't imagine historians the violent man prosecutors allege. So you've lost -- -- that. You know it's it's it's a big shock and mean and I wanted him gone and -- -- -- lot of trouble. -- -- on any ABC news Pretoria South Africa. You thank you -- and we moved out to a deadly shooting in the heart of Las Vegas right in front of the Bellagio Caesars palace the famous casinos. Police say early this morning someone in a black Range Rover opened fire on -- -- arriving. The gunshot sent the car careening into a taxi which burst into flames. Three people were killed and police in four states are now searching for that SUV. And we are keeping track of gas prices today marking the 35. Day that gas prices have ticked up. The average price of a gallon of gas now three dollars and 78 cents a gallon a jump of nearly fifty cents and a little over a month. We head now to Iran and a new defiant challenge. From that country a country filled with nuclear ambition and once again ABC's David -- is reporting live from Tehran tonight David. Diane good evening again from -- -- this evening and we begin with that new UN report the inspectors who say they discovered. Advanced centrifuges installed at one of Iran's main nuclear facilities they say it's proof. That Iran can now speed up the process to a nuclear weapon. -- course saying it has no such ambition but the State Department Diane reacting quickly tonight calling this further escalation a provocative step. Just days before the US and Iran are back to the negotiating table tonight right here you'll hear from there -- rotting and people we spoke with today. Many of whom say they are the ones caught in the middle. Below rare access to the streets here to -- would answer to put the biggest pharmacies in central Iran. -- -- like threatening medicine. He's now putting out. Doctor correlate loving -- -- pharmacy let's go live -- the -- almost over if we can't simply of the medicine. And he point streak to those tightening US sanctions to force Iran's leaders to change course other nuclear program. Now affecting everyone even patients -- medicine. Although he says because money -- -- out of Iran. Yeah -- nearly frozen because of that money flow is stopped some of the drugs from coming weeks because you'll you'll. -- -- good to you want to -- little kids pay you hope he isn't Amazon -- And that's all because of the sanctions because there. Cameras are rarely allowed free rein in Iran but we ask him to allow us inside the pharmacy. Takes its -- crowd typical size of this crowd. Immediately we -- the lines as we -- are -- behind the counter to back. We're not only are they below what many vacations. What happened several cancer drugs -- you can -- -- you don't have been. And would you -- instead they've moved with the invite -- day alone how many people have been asking for the food to people. Forty people today. For that one cancer -- alone -- -- the other side of the counter the urgency in their faces this man shows is the prescription for a look what leukemia. He took -- cap -- two hours away. We did the math skyrocketing inflation here that -- in Costa more than 500 dollars and you have gone to how many pharmacies. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're coming over -- money. While we were there he finally makes his way to the windows -- he is told there was none left to come back Saturdays. Don't go home but no medicine. What can I do asks. And it's the sunset in Tehran tonight to sanctions meant to force the supreme leader was revered image hovers over this city. And of backing down on any nuclear ambitions. Now forcing the people here to -- a place to. We should point out that the government did not take -- to that pharmacy today in fact we had to push to get -- cameras inside. Police were waiting for -- afterward checking for our paperwork to make sure that not only. We had been invited into Iraq but more importantly our camera Diane. And one other thing that struck me is that many of the customers that patients who were there. Off camera when we would ask them who's to blame often they would say we don't know who's to blame but we should point out that we are the ones field is -- we are trapped in the middle of this standoff. Diane and it is a difficult situation reporting in Tehran but thank you so much David Muir reporting -- And now back here at home a new turn tonight in the story you'll remember the deadly peanut butter the Salmonella outbreak of 2009. Nine people died hundreds were sickened. Well today criminal charges were brought against four former employees of the peanut company. And processing plants the plant where the FDA found mold and roaches. They are accused of covering up possible contamination. Over a period of six years. And we want to tell you about an in depth investigation by time magazine -- hospital bills tracking charges for pills and four tests. The time magazine investigation is called bitter pill and time found. Some of those were marked up by as much as 101000%. Over cost so tomorrow night we're going to show you what time magazine uncovered. And how you can take action be sure to watch right here. And still ahead on world news show. Hard on those machines to burn the calories and run the distance. How accurate are the numbers they give you on the machines. Check it out next. Or plans to exercise some day. Fifteen million of us belong to a gym and others have machines in the house or basements so have you ever wondered. Just how accurate the equipment is about distance and calories ABC's Linda Davis brings us real answers tonight. They crunch your calories calculate your distance and -- your heart rate but how accurate are these exercise machines. We headed to our neighborhood gym to find out first out calories after making sure these treadmills are in tip top shape. I ran for one mile the machine logging 94 calories burned. But what my body really burning. To get that answer we visited the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. Villain Hannibal -- this -- -- looking here is actually a high tech oxygen analyzer that counts calories down to the decimal point. After doing the exact same warm up I ran another mile at the same pace. Calculated -- burned 75 calories that's -- -- percent less than the gym treadmill. Experts say that's because treadmills only take into account limited factors like your -- wait an eight. Not your running for more specific body type the best it can do is give you the best estimate -- Just based on generalities. -- Part three I popped on the elliptical to compare it's monitored to the specialized -- strapped to my chest -- chain says -- my heart rate is 136. On the launch -- -- 135. It was pretty accurate even when Aaron really pushed -- testing by element it's perhaps even more than the machines 175. -- some three on the -- and finally distance. Experts say worn out or stretched out belts can make those miles -- extra long so make sure your -- to as the month every month. But -- -- model is generally a mild but why does it feel like I'm working so much harder when -- run outside there are many things within that mile that might. Dramatically affect how hard it is to maintain a certain case appear on the treadmill -- -- is being pulled back. -- -- I'm happy to push my body weight over my foot each time. Meaning more effort to cover this same distance -- might say this is sweating the small stuff but those calories and -- meaning next time -- might just have to run a little faster. If you want -- run inside to be just as challenging as -- run outside researchers suggest increasing the elevation -- Your treadmill to one or 2% that'll help recreate some of the wind resistance and those physical demands of running outside but all runs not created equally so that we'll take away some of the shock of moving out so they exactly right and the cold -- all I don't think you breathless looking good on the -- Thank you thank you for watching were always working for you at ABC news dot.

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