World War II veteran celebrates 100th birthday

Former pilot Orville Rogers turned 100 in Dallas.
1:24 | 11/30/17

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Transcript for World War II veteran celebrates 100th birthday
America strong. The World War II veteran they call the running man. At 1 0e00 years young, here's the proof. Orville o.j.ers from Dallas, turning 100 this week. A World War II veteran. A bomber pilot who went on to become a commercial pilot. And after decades of flying, this father, grandfather, and great grandfather hung up his wings, and laced up his shoes. Becoming a marathon runner. He'd go on to compete in national races, setting 13 world records. Training every other day. And at 100, his secret? I eat right. Most of the time. I have a wonderful, supportive family, and lots of wonderful friends. Reporter: Over the weekend, surrounded by those family and friends, all wearing t-shirts with Orville's face right there on them. Running together. At 100, Orville leading the way. Good job, guys! Reporter: Each of them sharing some of the distance, collectively, 100 miles. All to mark Orville's milestone. And when it was done -- ??? happy birthday ??? Reporter: The cake, 100 on top, and the planes he once flew, too. And 100 reasons to celebrate. I'm overwhelmed. Reporter: Orville tonight, grateful. How great it is to be alive. Reporter: Go rville go. He is America strong. Happy birth day, Orville. Thank you for watching tonight. I'm David Muir. I hope to see you right back here tomorrow. Good night.

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{"id":51497690,"title":"World War II veteran celebrates 100th birthday","duration":"1:24","description":"Former pilot Orville Rogers turned 100 in Dallas. ","url":"/WNT/video/world-war-ii-veteran-celebrates-100th-birthday-51497690","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}