Handicapped Woman Meets Condescending Shopper: What Would You Do?


"Oh my gosh, I'm good thanks. I don't need that," Shannon replies.

In the next aisle Lindsay Gleason and Pete Ramundo slow their pace and direct their attention towards Shannon and Traci.

"Let me just put that in my basket for you," says Traci as Lindsay and Pete approach the two women.

Condescending Shopper Offends Handicapped Woman

"I would leave this person alone. You're probably really bothering her" says an angry Lindsay Gleason.

When Traci objects, Lindsay responds, "She doesn't want your help. She's made it clear. I would just go away from her and let her shop. I mean, you're even upsetting me!"

As Lindsay and Pete move on, our actress, Traci, doesn't take the hint.

"Oh, do you need help? Usually people in wheelchairs need a little bit of help," Traci says.

Not knowing what else to do, Lindsay solicits the store manager, also an actor working with WWYD, to let him know how Shannon is being treated.

"She won't leave her alone. She's (Shannon) been asking her to leave her alone. She's pretty much harassing her," Lindsay says to our actor. They then decide it's time to confront Traci yet again.

"Is this not connecting?" Pete asks Traci, "You're not doing anyone a favor!"

As they explain to Traci that she is bordering on harassment, Lindsay has to assure her, "She doesn't feel sorry for herself. She's doing perfectly fine on her own."

When we decide it is time to meet Lindsay and Pete, we find that Lindsay is someone who knows this scenario all too well.

"I have a brother who's visually impaired and we go through these kind of situations all the time where people insist on helping him and they really just turn him around and get him lost. So it was really disturbing to me," says Lindsay.

Watch the scenario unfold on a special episode of "What Would You Do?" Friday at 9 p.m. ET.

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