EMTs 'On Break' Ignore Collapsed Woman


During one take, in just five minutes, 32 bystanders walked by. They slowed down, turned to have a look, and then kept on walking. They all saw what they thought were paramedics on the scene and figured everything was under control.

We began to wonder: Would anyone step forward and give the paramedics a piece of their mind?

When we started taping again, we got our answer. As Monique Reid approached the scene, she immediately took it upon herself to tell the paramedics they needed to help.

"There is a lady on the ground," Reid said.

"I just did a 12-to-12, we're off, we get one hour and then we have to go back for another 12 hours," our actor responded.

Undeterred, Reid reiterated, "You're on break, but there's a lady on the ground. You would really stand in front of a woman, on the ground and eat a sandwich?"

She then placed a long coat over our victim and shook her head in disbelief, and said to the crowd, "You've got to be kidding me."

When we instructed the paramedics to walk away, Monique Reid was outraged and dialed 911 before heading off to track them down. Instead, she found us.

"What Would You Do" Host John Quinones asked Reid what she was thinking.

"I just couldn't believe that there was a crowd of people and there is a woman on the ground and there is two people that are supposed to help her and they are not doing anything," she replied.

But what about them saying they were on their break?

"That's scary," she said. "We all have breaks, I'm on break, but you can still stop and help somebody. This is crazy, and if that's your job, then do it."

Over the course of a long and emotional day, hundreds of people walked by our scene perhaps thinking that someone else was taking care of the victim. But most encouraging, more than 40 people did step in, and in their own way helped a stranger in need.

CLICK HERE to watch the scenario unfold on the latest full episode of "What Would You Do".

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