What Would You Do? Rude Customer Insults Server


"I'm just trying to get some food," said Holm.

"I totally wouldn't be surprised if she spit in your food," she replied. "Learn how to treat people."

"I'm sorry," was Holm's reply.

Rude Patron Insults Server

Bloom was the only woman to confront Holm the entire day. We asked her why she reacted so strongly and quickly.

"Growing up from immigrant parents and how hard they work -- you should always appreciate the people that serve you, that work for you," Bloom explained.

Despite the risk that she took standing up to an irate man, Bloom felt it was necessary.

"I had to do something about it or else I wouldn't be happy," she said. "I think that somebody needed to teach him a lesson."

Our actor and part-time waiter, Holm, wishes more customers were like Bloom.

"I hope a lot of people watch and say, 'Oh, servers are people.' You know, they're working as well," he said. "And if I want something in a restaurant, kindness is the way to get it."

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