A Boy Wants a Doll: What Would You Do?


So far, most of the customers observing our boy's obsession for dolls have been supportive. But what will happen when they see a young boy wearing a princess dress?

The question generated controversy in the media recently when a mother dressed her 5-year-old son in a Daphne costume from his favorite cartoon, "Scooby Doo." She wrote a blog describing how some fellow classroom moms tried to bully her and her son. The blog went viral, triggering millions of hits and more than 45,000 responses.

Another mother, Cheryl Kilodavis, has been making the rounds on television talk shows after writing a book about her 5-year-old son's desire to wear dresses.

The book, "My Princess Boy," deals with the sometimes cruel reactions she and her son have received.

In our scenario, we send in an actor to play the role of a bully who has some choice words for our father and son actors. Will fellow shoppers ignore the bullying or come to the child's defense?

CLICK HERE to watch the full episode.

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