Forced Into Polygamy in Public

Wall -- who wrote a book about her experience called "Stolen Innocence: My Story of Growing Up in a Polygamous Sect, Becoming a Teenage Bride, and Breaking Free of Warren Jeffs." -- still wishes someone had intervened to stop her forced marriage, and she wants people to know that there are windows of opportunity in which it's possible to save a child bride.

So as she watched the scenario play out from a nearby control room, she was relieved to see that some people did react -- albeit covertly. One couple took their concerns to the manager.

"I don't care what state you're in, that's against the law," said James Lupperger, a visitor to the area. "She's being held against her will. In New Jersey, I'd slam that guy's face in."

Another man quietly took camera phone pictures of Susan, and told us he was planning to hand the photos to the cops.

But by late afternoon on the first day of filming, no one had approached the polygamous family directly or even tried to help the young girl when she was left all alone at the table. Finally, Toni Desiderio entered the scene.

Some People Called the Police

Desiderio had her eye on the family from the minute they sat down. She shot them piercing looks as she overheard Susan's tearful pleas. Eventually, the husband paid the bill and left the restaurant while the other wives went to the restroom, leaving Susan alone.

Seeing her opportunity, Desiderio called out, "Do you need help, sweetheart? Susan, do you need help?"

Hearing that Susan was only 15, Desiderio summoned someone to call the police and then led the girl by the hand to the back of the restaurant.

On the second day of filming, we saw even more courageous reactions. Although Judy and Sam Basile were having a business lunch, they were more concerned with the business of the reluctant child bride-to-be.

It didn't take long for Judy Basile to step up. And she was the first person to do so when the family was still there. She leaned over Susan's shoulder and whispered, "What can I help you with? What can I do for you? Come with me."

She then lead Susan out of the restaurant, holding her in her arms the whole time.

Diner Renee Wood also took action. The minute she heard Frank snarl at Susan, "I will teach you to be submissive, to obey and be a good wife," Wood sprung into action.

In the blink of an eye, she had her arm around Susan.

"Do you want to come home with me? Come now. I have a home. I have a room for you," she told the girl.

But before Wood could remove Susan from the restaurant, a human tug of war broke out, with Susan caught between Wood and the head wife.

Wood held her own despite being outnumbered by the four sister wives and angry husband.

"You're a good person, there's a better faith out there," she told Susan. "You're going to be protected."

Former FLDS Wife Moved to Tears

Then, in a burst of adrenaline, she elbowed her way through the wives to the front of the restaurant, clutching Susan closely while her co-worker, Shannon Brown, called police.

As it turned out, Wood is the former executive director of a domestic violence shelter in Utah. She not only had experience in dealing with abuse but was familiar with the plight of young girls in polygamous communities.

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