Teens Harass Elderly Man


Cross later told us, "[The elderly] have so much wisdom. They taught us. We learn from each other. Old people, they're great. I kind of love them."

He also told us he got off the bus to get involved, even though it wasn't his stop.

Here Come the Mean Girls

We decided to mix things up once again by giving our bullying boys a break and sending in two teenage girls.

On this day, we found that not everyone decided to stand up to our teens. One man passed by twice, later telling us that he had been debating what to say until someone else finally stepped in.

Moments later, a woman walked right by, without even slowing down. She later told us that ignoring what she heard probably wasn't very nice.

Our 94 year-old actor, Berni, hopes viewers who watch our scenario will be more willing to step in. "There are very, very few of us left," he said. "Please give us a chance to live our lives out in peace and love, no hate. And don't walk away, because this concerns you too."

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