The Creepiest Halloween Candy

Peeps Marshmallow Ghosts and Sugar-free Pumpkins: Get seasonal with spooky Peeps Marshmallow Ghosts and Sugar-free Pumpkins. The marshmallow treats aren't just for Easter anymore.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups & Kit Kat Wafer Cars:


Give the classics that people scream for year after year. Hershey's offers large 75-piece assortment bags that are perfect for those who have many ghosts and goblins ringing their door bell Halloween night.

Big Time Variety Bag Skittles & Starburst in Fun Size: Convenient snacking and trick-or-treat sweets.

Gooey Ghouls and Creepy Creatures: Tear away each "door" and follow the clues to discover the delicious, creamy solid milk chocolates and buttery caramel-filled chocolates that are hiding within!

New Twists for Treats


Jelly Belly Fruit Snacks: Fat free, gluten free and packed with Vitamin C, Jelly Belly Fruit Snacks are made with seven different fruit juices for a delicious true-to-life flavor mix of chewy gummies in orange, green apple, cherry, lemon, strawberry and mixed berry.

Blow Pop Minis: Forget the stick; these mini hard candies still have a classic Blow Pop hard candy shell with a chewy bubble gum center. Available in flavor favorites like Sour Apple and Blue Razz.

Wonka Giant Chewy Nerds: A chewy, tangy jelly-bean center covered with a bumpy, crunchy Nerds shell in a frightfully festive mix of bewitching grape and fiercely orange flavors. It's the perfect Halloween color combination!


Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish 100-calorie Pack: The classic candies are now in smaller pieces and perfectly portioned packages for trick-or-treaters.

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