Vince Vaughn's Comedy Takes a 'Wild' Ride

The difficulties of a strict schedule became negligible when the tour was disrupted by the twofold natural disasters of Hurricane Katrina and then Hurricane Rita. Vaughn, who started the show in New Orleans years earlier, was forced to reroute the group's course. He explains that the troupe "went to places hit by Hurricane Katrina or [Hurricane] Rita in Texas," turning those stops into benefit shows.

And Vaughn found that those were the cities that most needed the laughter. "A lot of places were ready, were wanting to laugh." Vaughn continues: "As we came across evacuees and stuff, that was really my mission statement: try to make some people laugh, take their mind off what's going on."

In deciding to take his "Wild West Comedy Show" to these cities, Vaughn channeled his own belief in the power of comedy: "I know for myself in life, life is always peaks and valleys, and I learned from a young age that having a sense of humor served me well, being able to laugh at stuff."

"Wild West" is a film that breaks rules, and will continue to break rules as it defies categorization. But Vince Vaughn likes it that way: "I always find myself in that situation. 'Swingers' was that – what is it? "'The Break Up' was that – what is it?" His latest project is no different. "Ultimately, the one thing they have in common, I think, is that they're funny movies that have some sense of heart to them, some kind of humanity being explored … Hopefully not taking itself too seriously, but hopefully having some fun."

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