Norah Jones Dishes on 'My Blueberry Nights'

Physical concerns aside, Jones jokes that "it was kind of weird for both of us." They agonized over the scene for three days. But Jones says that perhaps those were not the worst days of work, admitting, "it wasn't bad."

From her SoHo adventures, Elizabeth hits the road for the second half of the film, during which she encounters a bevy of new sites and faces. The itinerary includes stops in Memphis, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Jones was thrilled that the cast filmed on location in each of these cities, getting a taste for the different cultures -- and music -- of each stop.

Music makes up a big part of the film, including an original Jones song, "The Story," which she wrote while filming.

Initially, Jones had no plans to contribute to the "Blueberry Nights" soundtrack. But when Wong approached her with the idea, Jones offered her latest creation: "It was the song I had written while filming, so it made sense."

So with this project allowing the star to blend her lifelong passion for music with her newfound interest in cinema, Jones' fans cannot help but wonder if there will be more films with her face in them.

Jones does not have an answer yet: "I'm not sure that I want to be an actress full-time. I really loved it. … I would do it again."

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