Evening Newscasts Wrap

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ABC's Martha Raddatz shows video from embedded ABC affiliate which shows explosives in Al Qaqaa when the 101st arrived.

CBS' David Martin says the latest evidence from spy satellites "falls well short of solving the mystery." Clip of Rumsfeld on radio saying Hussein likely removed explosives.


ABC's Brian Ross: "Peter, we acquired the tape last Firday at a midnight meeting in Pakistan and now, after days of analysis, US intelligence officials tell ABC News the tape appears to be produced by al Qaeda's media organization."



CBS' Dan Rather: "The FBI has revealed that it is expanding its investigation into the Bush Administration for its contract work in Iraq. It will now include a criminal administration of how Halliburton awarded no bid contracts in the first place." He then tossed to CBS' Wyatt Andrews.

CBS' Wyatt Andrews included a clip of Sen. John Edwards from an "Early Show" interview that will air tomorrow in which he says "it's just a long pattern of favoritism" Cheney has denied having any influence.

NBC's Brian Williams keeps it short on Halliburton, saying they'll have more tomorrow.

ABC tell: FBI began criminal investigation into Halliburton.


CBS' Jim Axelrod: Obviously, the White House is trying to put some distance between itself and this story. A bad week for Mr. Bush has only gotten worse. The usually sure-footed Bush campaign seemed a little off-stride. SOT of Bush saying: The Senator is denigrating the actions of our troops. Axelrod said imagine what the Bush camp must have thought of Giuliani's comment.

ABC's Terry Moran reports when Bush arrived at his Michigan event today he was impressed by the crowd. In the new ABC tracking poll, 55% were enthusiastic for Bush, 46% for Kerry. Today Bush made an appeal to those who are not so enchanted with his leadership. Later in Dayton, Bush contrasted his leadership style with that of Kerry's which he described as a "hollow man" on issues such as Iraq.


CBS' Byron Pitts: "John Kerry can only hope to feel this good next Tuesday night." The piece on Kerry was slugged "on a roll."


ABC's Jake Tapper looks at the campaign ad wars. Tapper notes "in battleground states the negativity is unrelenting." Looks at an internet video where then Governor Bush was purported to raise his middle finger.

CBS reported that a major mile stone was crossed last night: spending topped $1 billion for first time. $86 million in Ohio alone.


ABC leads with the new tracking poll, which finds that only 25% of likely voters are very confident their ballots will be counted. In the horserace, 49% are for Bush, 48% for Kerry.


CBS rates 10 states as toss ups: CBS does include Michigan but does not include Colorado.

NBC's Ron Allen says the candidates have visited Ohio so often, they look like they're running for Governor. Key issue in economy. 200 thousand jobs lost under Bush. Staggering number of new voters. Republicans accused Democrats of voter fraud. Point to the mailings to large numbers of newly registered that was returned.


ABC's Linda Douglass looks at the Nader factor. He is working his way through the battlegrounds. Democrats have tried to paralyze Nader with lawsuits. Nader says their attempts will make voters want to seek a third party next time around.


CBS' Bob McNamara reported from Minnesota that both candidates are actively courting sportsmen. Sportsmen are worried Bush is talking to oil and gas industry too much. Eliminated clean water act guidelines. Bush: repealed ban on construction of forests; Kerry wants rule re-instated. Bush wants fewer restrictions on ranchers; Kerry wants more money for Endangered Species Act.


NBC: Kerry wore Red Sox hat today, but Red Sox pitcher endorsed Bush. Last year when New England Patriots won the Super Bowl, the quarterback backed Bush.