Book Excerpt: Flip the Switch

The first step in "flipping the switch" and achieving weight loss is letting go of fear, dropping your excuses and believing that you can really do it, fitness expert Jim Karas writes in his new book "Flip the Switch."

(This excerpt includes some written questions about your weight, so you may want to print a copy in order to fill in some of the blank spaces.)

Chapter 1: Believe In The Flip

"If you can dream it, you can do it" — Walt Disney

Dozens, probably hundreds of times each year, I receive the same phone call. One of my clients will leave a message on my voice mail similar to the following, "I can't believe it. I got on the scale this morning and I am down over nine pounds. I haven't lost this much weight in years and I feel great. For the first time, I believe I can really lose weight, but I am nervous. Please call me and tell me this is for real. Please tell me I can keep this up and lose even more weight. Please tell me I won't gain it all back. Please tell me this is not a fluke. Please call me!"

Believing in yourself is the first step to "flipping" the switch. My goal in this chapter is for you to once and for all believe in the fact that you can succeed at weight loss. At the moment, you probably don't believe you can succeed. Undoubtedly, you have attempted weight loss dozens, or if you are like me, hundreds of times in the past. I bet there isn't a diet that you haven't experienced. I tried fasting, food combining, high protein, low protein, high carbs, no carbs and skipping meals to name but a few. Did you really believe that you would succeed in losing weight on any of these plans, or was trying these diets just an act of throwing up your hands and saying, "At this point, I'll try just about anything. I've got to do something."

That's where you made your first mistake. Yes, of course these diets were nutty, but you were desperate and desperate individuals embrace all types of wild strategies. Your error was not in trying, your error was that you did not believe in yourself. Instead, you believed in what turned out to be a quick fix that has no lasting results. Even if these programs had some basis in fact, you were doomed to fail. To succeed you must believe in your ability to be successful. You undertook each of these diet plans believing that you alone were not strong enough to triumph; instead, you put your faith into a plan that didn't work. Doubting yourself is a recipe for failure. In "Flip The Switch" I am going to teach you to believe in yourself and consequently break the cycle of starting and stopping, starting and stopping, which guarantees failure. I realize that you rationalized your behavior by saying, "at least I'm trying something." And, as I said, I don't fault you for trying, but I know (and I'm sure you do as well) that approaching the complicated task of weight loss requires more than a hot, trendy diet or a celebrity endorsed exercise program. This process must begin with you first believing in your ability to succeed. You can allow fear and doubt to enter your mind, but you cannot let them take control.

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