Being Becky G: This Right Here is a #Beaster Movement

Celeb contributor Becky G talks about building a fan movement.

ByABC News
November 9, 2012, 2:11 PM

Nov. 9, 2012— -- Just like the strong, powerful women I've grown up watching and loving - Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez - I've always known that this is about more than just the music. I want to create a movement. I was really young when I started thinking that way, like 12, 13, which is kind of weird, cause I'm still young. But at that time, I already had ideas for a fashion line.

At the time, I started talking to people on Twitter, getting what I thought was a cool fan base of like 2,000 followers, and then it got to 5,000, and that's how the little Beaster movement began. Then the Cody Simpson stuff started happening and the Cher Lloyd song "Oath" came out and now I'm at 60,000 followers, which is a pretty big number compared to what I started out with.

The way I came up with Beasters as a nickname for my fans is because people call me B for short. I feel like a little beast when I'm onstage, and I feel like my fans have that little beast inside of them, too, this hunger for life. It's also an expression, like "That's beast-mode!" so I thought it was a cool name for the whole movement.

This 12-year-old Beaster from the Make A Wish Foundation said she wanted to visit me and Cher Lloyd on the set of our video for "Oath."

I interact with my fans mostly through Twitter and I like to do livestreams about every two weeks, where I say, "Ask me anything!" and I just sit there with my computer for 15 minutes, taking a break from work, and answering their questions. My fans' ages go from about 12, 13 – even younger – to like college girls who tell me they love my music and play it in their dorms.

Goofing off…

I'll never forget one time a fan came up to me crying, and told me, "You really inspire me to be me, I feel ok to be myself now." That meant so much because I always try to be relatable, to be myself. Sometimes I'll post goofy photos of myself on Instagram without make-up or making silly faces. I don't always look like a little Barbie doll. I have a little sister, too, and I want her to grow up knowing that she doesn't have to be perfect, 'cause nobody is.

To hear my fans say stuff like that, means the world to me. -As told to Angie Romero

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