Ludacris' Ludicrous Social Media Week

Ludacris is having a ludicrous week on social media.

Aug 14, 2013— -- Every week I'm rounding up what's trending in the more-awesome-than-yours celebrity world we're not a part of (via Instagram), and letting you wallow in shame here!

This week on Instagram: Ludacris' ludicrous Instagrams on full blast.

This week we saw that Ludacris threw his daughter a helluvah birthday party with rooms full of balloons, limo rides, and renting Justin Bieber for a few hours to perform and sit on her lap. Whaaaaaaat?!

He also hit 8 million Twitter followers on Monday. Could Bieber's appearance helped him out? We'll never know.

But besides including us all in his most intimate moments on Instagram, the rapper loves to share weird photos and hashtag them #nowthatsludicrous. It really is a great hashtag, so we're going to borrow it for this post Luda, I hope you don't mind.

Here are Ludacris' most ludicrous Instagrams just from the last week because, well, he deserves the attention after all his effort.

Obviously. #nowthatsludicrous.

Is this the Kim K/Kanye baby?? #nowthatsludicrous.

Cute sandals though. #nowthatsludicrous.

Oh Luda. You so clever. #nowthatsludicrous.

Ludacris spends more time on Reddit than Alexis Ohanian.#nowthatsludicrous.

This is what all my photo bombs look like too. #nowthatsludicrous.

His followers were not happy about him snapping this photo and not "helping the cause". I don't know about you but I did this to my car when I was in an accident and I would've been thrilled if Ludacris had documented it and shared it with the world. #nowthatsludicrous.

Some strong advice. #nowthatsludicrous.

Now that's just mean Ludacris. Some people can only afford down-alternative. #nowthatsludicrous.

No words. #nowthatsludicrous.

Where is he taking her?! #nowthatsludicrous.

The world's worst cross dresser. #nowthatsludicrous.

No pata sucias. #nowthatsludicrous.

Ludacris letting Justin Bieber sit on his daughter's lap. #nowthatsludicrous.

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