Man Struck by Lightning 4 Times, Then Buried Alive

A young man in Colombia was struck by lightning four separate times. The towns indigenous doctors recommended to bury him alive to strip him of the electrical charges.PlayNoticias UNO
WATCH Man Struck by Lightning Four Times

Imagine being struck by lightning four times in the span of six months and then being buried alive as a way to cure the problem. That's what happened to Alexander Mandón, a 20-year-old soldier from a small Colombian town called Cereté.

His town's indigenous doctors recommended he be buried alive, in an upright position with his head sticking out, to strip him from the electrical charge that runs through his body.

Maybe that will prevent him from being a walking lightning rod. Watch the video above to see what happened.

Update: Curiously, last week 3 soldiers were killed and 6 others were injured due to a lightning strike in the province of Cauca, in the Southwest of the country. Lightning strikes are common in Colombia, which according to the Colombian Electric Storm Information System (SCITE in Spanish), is located in one of the regions with the most electrical activity in the planet.

A study by SCITE determined that the chances of being struck by lightning in Colombia are about 10 times higher than in the United States.