Here Are the 5 Most Satanic Democrats in America, Courtesy of Ted Cruz (Parody)

Ted Cruz says liberals are mocking Satan

Aug. 15, 2013— -- Did you hear? Liberals have an "affinity for Satan," according to Ted Cruz.

The Texas Republican senator was in Iowa last month, where he cajoled social conservatives into acknowledging the threats of “moral decay,” gay marriage and abortion brought on by their liberal rivals, who are busy "mocking the dangers" of flirting with Lucifer, the National Review's Robert Costa reports.

Don’t dismiss Cruz. The threats are real. With names and faces like the ones below, there’s no question that followers of the Dark One have infiltrated the Democratic Party.*

Krystal Ball - Only a gypsy clairvoyant would possess such a name, not a Virginia congressional candidate-turned MSNBC pundit. And who could forget this foray into devilish sinfulness?

Dick Swett - Come on, NSFW.

Chuck Schumer - Schumer is the one who knocks.

Nancy Pelosi - If the sign says it, it must be true.

Barack Obama - Need proof? He played Satan on TV!

*Note: Yes, this is a joke.