4 Freaky Coincidences Surrounding Pope Francis' Election

As the world found out about Pope Francis, some freaky coincidences took place.

ByABC News
March 14, 2013, 11:12 AM

March 14, 2013— -- intro: As the world found out yesterday that Pope Francis would serve as the new head of the Catholic church, some freaky and sort of related coincidences were also taking place around the globe. Hold on to your jaw as you click through these images, which all "claim" to be true, because you have to see these to believe them.

quicklist: 1 title: The Argentine Lottery Winnertext: Pope Francis is a huge fan of the Argentine soccer team San Lorenzo de Almagro. So much so that in 2008 he became an official member of the fan club. On March 13, the day his papacy was announced, the country's winning lottery number coincided with the four last numbers of his soccer membership. Team members are conviced this is a divine sign, and they will win this year's championship.

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quicklist: 2 title: A Tweet That Predicted the Futuretext: On February 11 Yolanda De Mena tweeted in Spanish "My boyfriend woke up at 4 a.m. last night saying that he had dreamt of a new Pope named 'Francis I' and that today Benedict resigned." The tweet has been re-tweeted more than 54,000 times.

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quicklist: 3 title: Yet Another Name Predictiontext: On March 11, La Nacion's Vatican correspondent Elisabetta Pique, took this image of a man holding a sign that reads "Francis I Pope." Lucky coincidence?

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quicklist: 4 title: An Angel Over the Skytext: Right after the Pope's name was announced this image of a cloud over Miami, Florida was taken. Some claim it looks like an angel spreading its wings. Can you see it?

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