Another Week, Another Hairstyle, Another Mug Shot

Fla. woman reports to jail each weekend with new hairdoPlayLake County Sheriffs Office
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If you didn't already know Kaylin Ransom was a hairdresser, you might have been able to figure it out from her mug shots – all 28 of them.

Under a unique plea deal for felony battery and child abuse, the 22-year-old Ocala, Florida woman has been spending her weekends in jail for the past six months. The arrangement requires Ransom to report to the Lake County jail each Friday afternoon for a fresh 48-hour stint behind bars.

Every time she reports, the Lake County Sheriff's office takes a new booking photo – and Ransom preps for her weekly date with the photographer by paying special attention to her hair, nails, lip gloss and make-up. In the 28 mug shots logged since May, Ransom can be seen in a dizzying and ever-changing array of hairstyles.

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In May, Ransom pleaded no contest to three counts of battery and child abuse without great bodily harm. Ransom allegedly attacked a woman with a baseball bat and threw her children out of a car. She was sentenced to 90 days in jail, of which she has now served 56.

Ransom told the Orlando Sentinel that reporting to the jail in Tavares, Florida every week is stressful. "Mentally, it kills you because you have to turn yourself in," Ransom told the paper. "In those two days, you probably think about more than someone who's been confined for years." Ransom says she spends her time behind bars thinking "about how to better myself as a mother and sister."

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