15 Creative Stocking Stuffer Gadgets

PHOTO: A grass charging station is shown.
Courtesy Kikkerland Design

Are you "that guy" or "that gal" who has to bring the most surprising white elephant present at the gift exchange? We may have just the gadget guide list for you. Chances are you will find at least a few things from these 12 gadget stocking stuffers, which range from the very useful to the zany.

PHOTO: Credit card light bulb is shown.
Courtesy ThinkGeek.com
Credit Card Lightbulb

A tiny lightbulb about the size of a credit card that fits in your wallet, this bright idea comes with batteries and is only $4.99 on ThinkGeek.com.

PHOTO: Victorinox Slim.
Courtesy Victorinox Swiss Army
Victorinox Swiss Army USB Self-Destructing Storage Device

Victorinox Swiss Army released an "unhackable" USB called the Slim in July. The flash drive has a self-destruct feature, which can sense a brute-force attack by a hacker and overheat the internal chip, making it impossible to track the data that was originally stored. Available in several different storage sizes, from 4GB to 128GB, the Slim line retails at various prices beginning at $39.99, sold at Brookstone and Amazon.

PHOTO: The Tocky Red alarm clock.
Courtesy Nanda Home, Inc.
Tocky Run-Away Alarm Clocks

Nanda Homes, creator of run-away clocks that get snoozers up and running because you have to chase after the clock to turn it off, released the (Product) RED branded Tocky clock in November, contributing 5 percent of sales to The Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS. You can pre-load a morning playlist on your Tocky alarm clock or record a message into it. Tocky is $69 while the original Clocky is $45.

PHOTO: Histoire Lucky Morse Code necklace.
Courtesy Frank Wang Photography
Morse Coded Necklaces

For a nostalgic "gadget" to wear on your neck, you can choose from a variety of secret-message necklaces that use International Morse Code. The 18" silk corded necklace by COATT spells out in code words like "friend" and "love." Online retailer of socially conscious goods, Histoire, sells them for $36 with adorable, snappy packaging at shophistoire.com.

PHOTO: The Bringrr dashboard product is shown.
Courtesy Bringrr
Bringrr Phone Reminder Device

For that forgetful person who is always on the go, the Bringrr device plugs into your car's power port and detects if you're driving off without your blue-tooth enabled phone. Bringrr will find the phone's Bluetooth signal and let you know that you haven't forgotten it, even if it is buried in your bag. Starts at $34.95 at DailyGrommet.com.

PHOTO: Verseur wine opener.
Courtesy Quirky.com
Verseur Cork Screw Plus Two

A "wine lover's multitool," the Verseur is not just a wine-bottle opener with a single-motion corkscrew mechanism, it has a built-in pour spout and rubber stopper that you can pull out to enjoy and preserve your holiday bubbly. The tool also functions as a foil wrapper cutter. $24.95 on Quirky.com.

PHOTO: Bobble Brush toothbrush stand is shown.
Courtesy Quirky.com
Bobble Toothbrush Holder

A grime-free, plastic toothbrush stand whose rubberized, weighted base won't let it topple over or slip away. $12.99 on Quirky.com.

PHOTO: The Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter is shown.
Courtesy ThinkGeek.com
Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Perfect for Trekkie fans, this metal pizza cutter is in the form of the famous NCC-1701 Enterprise ship from Star Trek, the original series. It's an officially licensed Star Trek collectible and is $19.99.

PHOTO: The Contort Flexible USB hub is shown.
Courtesy Quirky.com
Contort USB Hub and Cord Manager

A four-in-one USB hub that also helps you manage your unsightly, messy cables. Great for those who charge their work mobile device and personal smart phones. $34.99 on Quirky.com.

PHOTO: Native Union's Crystal Pink Pop handset is shown.
Courtesy Native Union
Pink Crystal POP Handset

Need a handset with some bling? Native Union created a limited edition POP handset with more than 2000 Swarovski crystal elements that can be used with all mobile phones when fitted with the correct adaptor (sold separately). When fitted with a USB adaptor, it can be used for VOIP computer telephone calls via Skype or Google Talk. The POP crystal POP was announced in September and the POP phone was announced last year. While the crystal variety is $600, Native Union also sells fun throwback handsets from $29.90.

PHOTO: The Evoz baby monitor.
Courtesy EVO, Inc.
Evoz Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

With the Evoz Wi-Fi Baby Monitor, active parents can listen to their baby anywhere, right from their iPhone or any Web browser. Evoz "proactively send texts, emails or phone calls when their baby is crying," even distinguishing the difference between a cry and background noise. Parents who want to use Evoz's app-only version can actually use an old iPod touch/iPhone/iPad as the monitor in the baby's room and download the app for free. Sold for $120.

PHOTO: The Tether Stemware Saver is shown.
Courtesy Quirky.com
Tether: Save Your Stemware

A simple, flexible silicone rod that holds your wine glasses in place in your dishwasher. An inexpensive gift for an oenophile or someone who has broken one too many glasses. $14.99 four-pack on Quirky.com.

PHOTO: Conductive paint is shown.
Courtesy ThinkGeek.com
Conductive Paint

Called "a must for any electric DIY junkie," Bare Paint's Conductive Paint is a multipurpose electrically conductive substance that allows you to paint circuits on walls, floors -- anything but skin. $29.99 for 50 ml.

PHOTO: A grass charging station is shown.
Courtesy Kikkerland Design
Grassy Lawn Charging Station

Some may see this as a plastic box with artificial grass, others see this as a clever, attractive alternative to hide your phone, iPod, camera cables and anything else that needs juice. Sold for $32.

PHOTO: The USB Boat by Kikkerland Design, is shown.
Courtesy Kikkerland Design
USB Boat

As if you couldn't get enough clever USB devices.The USB battleship wins with a deck of 5 USB ports. Sold for $22.50.

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