$15 Million Jackpot for Engaged Massachusetts Couple

Green wedding day for Mass. couple.

— -- Michael Milford and his fiancee got the jackpot of a boost just before tying the knot: a $15 million lottery prize.

Milford, 28, a sales manager from Melrose, Massachusetts, outside Boston, and fiancee Allison Gilgun claimed the prize on Tuesday together, choosing the one-time cash payment of nearly $9.8 million, less taxes.

It is the largest instant "scratch and win" prize awarded in their state, following the "World Class Millions" prize awarded for the same game in July.

Milford purchased only one lucky ticket for $30 on Sunday at Boyles Family Market in Medford. Durna Rejak, who works at the store, told ABC News Milford is a regular and a "really nice guy."

"Someone from the lottery came to the store with a banner," Rejak said. "I didn't know anything about it so I called the owner and he didn't know yet." The store gets $50,000 for selling the ticket. It's the highest retailer lottery bonus paid in Massachusetts.

Milford and his fiancee, a school teacher, will get married in December in the Dominican Republic, and will use part of the money for their nuptials. They have planned their wedding for several months, according to the state lottery. Milford said he would be using some of his winnings to pay off existing bills, help family members and invest for the future.

Two $15 million prizes remain in the state's “World Class Millions” game.