How to Avoid Overpaying Uncle Sam in Taxes

Last year, 109 million taxpayers overpaid on their taxes.

— -- Are you giving too much of your hard-earned money to Uncle Sam?

"First of all, I think it's in our nature that we like refunds," said Tom Wheelwright, CEO and founder of CPA firm ProVision. "I think that's one reason [taxpayers] overpay their withholding, is because they're planning on that. It's forced savings for them."

Getting a lump sum back after you file your taxes is better than paying, but perhaps not if you're struggling month-to-month to make ends meet.

Wheelwright said instead of just cutting costs, consider cutting the amount you're giving the government through your paycheck.

"The reality is if you want to put more cash in your pocket, the easiest and fastest way to do that is to reduce your taxes," he said.