Businesses offer stellar specials for total solar eclipse

Businesses are offering some sweet eclipse-inspired treats this weekend.

Check out the list of businesses rolling out specials and savings.


The diner chain is offering $4 all-you-can-eat "moon cakes" on Monday, an eclipse-worthy take on their classic pancakes.

The doughnut shop announced on their site they will "eclipse" their original glazed doughnuts by covering the traditional treat in "a mouth-watering chocolate glaze." Customers can try the limited-time doughnut from August 19 to August 21.

Dairy Queen

"We love any excuse to celebrate with our fans," Maria Hokanson, American Dairy Queen Corporation's executive vice president of marketing, said in a statement. "What better way to watch the eclipse or enjoy the last lazy days of summer than with a Blizzard BOGO?"


The brand has a celestial body in its name, so the company is giving customers 15 percent off all online orders through August 21.

The airline is running five "celestial chaser" flights, which will pass through the path of totality. Passengers will receive commemorative swag, cosmic cocktails, and special viewing glasses to safely view the celestial event in-flight.

Sprinkles cupcakes

Nature Sweet Tomatoes

Who says veggies aren't out of this world? Produce purveyor Nature Sweet, which sells dark-colored eclipses tomatoes, is doing a telescope giveaway in honor of the solar eclipse. Friday is the final day to enter and a winner will be announced at the end of the day.

Salt and Straw

The West Coast creamery is offering an eclipse ice cream cone that boasts "otherworldly" flavors for foodies. It's a black charcoal waffle cone with edible gold and filled with marshmallow fluff and yellow ginger-spiced tumeric soft serve ice cream. The entire thing is topped with a Pop Rocks and black sesame magic shell and is available to customers at their flagship shop in Portland, Oregon until Monday.


The online retailer is offering 20 percent off all eclipse-themed merchandise.

Other companies may be offering further specials and promotions, so check in with local businesses for more information.