Where You Can Find McDonald's Sweet Potato Fries

Here's where you can get McDonald's sweet potato fries in the U.S.

ByABC News
October 23, 2015, 1:29 PM

— -- Sweet potato fries fanatics are "lovin'" the news that McDonald's is testing the menu item in some restaurants.

The burger chain is testing the items in some restaurants in Texas that allow customers to customize their burgers from 39 ingredients. The customized menu is McDonald's foray into the fast-casual restaurant category that Chipotle and other restaurants champion.

A spokeswoman for McDonald's told ABC News today the restaurant is serving sweet potato fries in some "Create Your Taste" test restaurants in Amarillo and it's "gathering valuable customer feedback on them."

Other "Create Your Taste" locations have included Aurora, Colorado, though the McDonald's spokeswoman said the sweet potato fries are limited to restaurants in Amarillo, Texas.

McDonald's official Twitter page for 29 "Texas Panhandle" locally owned locations tweeted this week that sweet potato fries are the "perfect side to go with your perfect burger."

McDonald's reported on Thursday in its third-quarter earnings announcement that its U.S. sales increased -- by 0.9 percent -- for the first time in two years. The company cited its breakfast offerings as one of the factors that contributed to the growth. The company introduced an all-day breakfast menu earlier this month.