6 More Ways Hooters Can Really Make Its Breastaurants More Family-Friendly

Hooters said it is revamping its "breastaurants" to be more family-friendly.

January 21, 2014, 7:40 AM
PHOTO: A Hooters in Toronto in this 2010 file photo
A Hooters in Toronto in this 2010 file photo
Tony Bock/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Jan. 21, 2014— -- intro: The first "breastaurant" company Hooters says it wants to create a more family-friendly environment at some of its 412 restaurants, which feature servers dressed in short shorts and t-shirts.

In a statement, the eatery outlined the steps it's taking, though you might be hard-pressed to figure out how "a much stronger focus on the centralized location of the bar in the restaurant" and a "broader offering of ice cold beer" will pack in the families. The chain is re-designing restaurants with a more "contemporary" and "rustic" undertone and adding more high-back chairs and new booth seating. Plus, there will be more seafood and salad offerings.

"At Hooters, ALL are welcome, and always have been, but we are continuing to take measures to enhance the complete Hooters experience, said Mark Whittle of Hooters of America, who points out that 35,000 moms visited Hooters on Mother's Day last year for a complimentary meal.

So what else can it do to attract families? Here are some suggestions:

quicklist:title: How about installing a ball pit? media: 21600415text: Nothing says "family-friendly" like a giant ball pit. Pictured to the right is the remodeled location in Kirby, Texas, which, though sleek with its huge windows, could get a boost from a colorful jungle gym. There seems to be plenty of room in this property to provide a completely new customer experience.

quicklist:title: Cardigan sweaters instead of tank tops text: Critics would say the revealing shirts should be swapped for something that leaves more to the imagination.

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quicklist:title: Giant "Hootie" costumed character text: Adults might find that eye-popping owl (wonder what that owl is staring at?) could be made more family-friendly or perhaps be joined by a lovable, kid-friendly character instead.

quicklist:title: Owl calendar text: Some kids (and even some adults) may prefer an alternative calendar with real owls from around the world instead of the $12.95 Hooters calendar of scantily-clad women--"Yes, every Hooters Calendar girl works at a Hooters restaurant." The "What are your turn-ons?" section could be changed to such statements as "Rats, mice, squirrels, moles and skunks are so yummy!" Best of all, this calendar could be shipped to correctional facilities!

quicklist:title: Overalls instead of daisy dukestext: Overalls say "rustic" so much more than hot pants.

quicklist:title: No more $6.95 Hooters Stress toy souvenirs shaped like a woman's bust media: 21610643text: Hooter's may have a hard time letting go of this recurring theme throughout its restaurants.

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