Rodney Dangerfield Remarries . . . And This Time He's Sober

ByABC News
August 24, 2000, 11:21 AM

Aug. 24, 2000 — -- You might have to beat the mold off some Rodney Dangerfield jokes. But the Smithsonian has forever preserved the comics white shirt and red tie. You have to admit, hes a classic. Of sorts.

Dangerfield tells The Wolf Files he was drunk in December 1993 when he married his wife Joan in Los Vegas. She wants me to repeat the vows again, when Im sober, he says.

I tell you, this guy gets no respect.

Indeed, the recommitment ceremony is part of the public relations blitz for Dangerfields new movie, My Five Wives. The has-been, potty-mouthed standup comic Andrew Dice Clay will preside over the ceremony, an invitation-only affair at the movies Aug. 28 premiere in Santa Monica, Calif., and other guests will include Jerry Stiller, John Byner, Tim Conway and Harvey Korman.