Anne Hathaway dishes on her $15 flea market dress

“I’m trying to be more sustainable with my fashion choices," she said on "GMA."

ByABC News
April 17, 2017, 10:30 AM

— -- It turns out Anne Hathaway loves thrifting and for a good reason.

“This is a $15 flea market dress,” the Oscar-winner said on “Good Morning America” today of the beautiful, yet environmentally responsible, dress she was wearing. “I’m trying to be more sustainable with my fashion choices, so I’m trying to wear vintage wherever I can.”

The lightweight black dress with multi-colored designs caught the attention of ABC News’ Robin Roberts, who insisted that Hathaway tell the audience where she purchased it.

Hathaway appeared on “GMA” to discuss her role in a new film, “Colossal,” in which she co-stars with Jason Sudeikis. The actress plays Gloria, a woman with a drinking problem who mysteriously and unintentionally remotely channels a Godzilla-like monster in Seoul.

Although this scenario is revealed in the trailer, Hathaway and the movie’s director, Nacho Vigalondo, prefer viewers know nothing else before seeing the film.

“This one has a few plot twists in there, and people that have gone in without any knowledge of what it’s about seem to enjoy it the most,” Hathaway, 34, explained.

The actress told her agent she wanted “something different” to take on, and this movie fit the bill.

“I think nowadays when you say 'different,' that means depressing, or that signals some kind of sadness, and I loved that this was a movie that was dark, but silly at the same time, and that’s really an odd combination and rare as well,” she said. “I read it and literally every page I couldn’t believe what was coming next.”

"Colossal" is in theaters now.