The Beastie Boys Are Officially Done

Former member Ad Rock confirms the band's over.

ByABC News
March 26, 2015, 11:23 AM

— -- Beastie Boys member Adam Horovitz just confirmed what most loyal fans basically knew: The band is not coming back.

After fellow member Adam Yauch died at age 47 in 2012 from cancer, Horovitz a.k.a. Ad Rock, said it's just not a possibility to continue.

"We're done. Oh yeah. Adam Yauch started the band. It's not like a thing where we could continue without him," he told GQ in an interview that ran on Wednesday.

Has Horovitz ever thought about coming back as a Beastie Boy?

"No," he simply said.

"It's probably just taken me time to sit and think and try to figure out what I do next or who I am now or, you know, all of that stuff," he said. "Because since high school, I was in this band. And you know, it's one thing when you're in a band in high school, but then to have it last for so long -- that's who I am and what I did forever. And so now I'm just trying to figure it out."

For Horovitz, it's more than just a band breaking up, it's losing a brother.

"Adam was one of my best friends; I saw him more than I saw my whole family," he said. "You know, me, Adam, and Mike were together every day, recording, touring, as friends. And so: huge hole. The other part of it is the being able to afford to just sit around and think, because I think it's good that I can have time to sort of figure out how to get through it all.

"You can never prepare yourself for this," he added.

Yauch, a.k.a. MCA, was diagnosed with cancer in 2009. He co-founded the Beastie Boys with Mike “Mike D” Diamond and Horovitz in 1979.