'Beverly Hills, 90210': Where Are They Now?

Tiffani Thiessen, Tori Spelling, Luke Perry and gang graduated to parenthood.

Aug. 19, 2010— -- Two months after giving birth to her daughter, Tiffani Thiessen returned to work this week on the set of her USA series "White Collar" with newborn Harper Renn and husband Brady Smith in tow.

As one of the last of the "Beverly Hills, 90210" stars to enter parenthood, Thiessen, 36, makes it official: the "90210" graduates have all grown up. Moving on from the show, which ended in 2000 after 10 seasons, has been another matter.

After The CW Network revived the series in 2008 with "90210," three of the original stars, Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling, signed on for guest appearances. As for the other five, no matter where their personal or professional lives take them, they will always be identified with the popular '90s drama about a group of teens living and attending high school in upscale, star-studded Beverly Hills.

As Luke Perry, who played brooding bad boy Dylan McKay, once put it: "I'm going to be linked with him until I die, but that's actually just fine. I created Dylan McKay. He's mine."

Here's a look at where they are now:

Jason Priestley/Brandon Walsh

The series began with the introduction of Brandon Walsh and his twin sister, Brenda, who moved from Minnesota to Beverly Hills. Brandon, played by Canadian-born Jason Priestley, appeared too levelheaded for the Beverly Hills bunch but quickly emerged as the school's golden boy.

In turn, Priestley quickly became a teen idol. When he left the show after nine seasons, he struggled to be taken seriously as an actor, joining the casts of "Tru Calling," "Love Monkey" and "Side Order of Life."

Priestley may have been happier working behind the camera, where he directed 19 "Beverly Hills, 90210" episodes and served as executive producer until the show's cancellation. He has also directed episodes of "7th Heaven," "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," and Spelling's return to the new "90210."

Spelling has said many of the original cast members were sleeping together during the show's run, and Priestley admitted to Howard Stern that he and co-star Doherty, who played his twin sister, had indeed during the first season.

Following his divorce from actress Ashlee Petersen, whom he met on the set of "Beverly Hills, 90210," Priestley, now 40, married make-up artist Naomi Lowde, with whom he has two children. A devotee of race car driving, Priestly survived a 2002 crash during a practice run. He has provided commentary for IndyCar racing and recently became a joint owner of his own Indy team.

Shannen Doherty/Brenda Walsh

Doherty, a child actor on "Little House on the Prairie," found her breakout role as bad girl Brenda on "90210." Playing one of television's best known villains, she was named No. 10 on E! Network's list of "50 Most Wicked Women of Prime Time" in 2004.

That year she made a reportedly bitter departure from the show when her character moved to London to study acting. Doherty also had high hopes that her film career, beginning with Kevin Smith's "Mallrats" in 1995, would take off.

Unfortunately, Doherty's short-lived off-screen marriages to Ashley Hamilton (son of George) and Rick Salomon (co-star in the Paris Hilton sex tape) and a 2003 Playboy spread got in the way of her professional endeavors, which included a run on "Charmed" and, most recently, the reality show "Breaking Up With Shannon Doherty."

In 2008, Brenda, now a successful theater actress and stage director, returned to the reprised "90210" to direct the high school musical. Earlier this year, Doherty competed on "Dancing with the Stars," but was eliminated with partner Mark Ballas in the second week.

Recently the actress, who is dating photographer Kurt Iswarienko, denied rumors that at 39 she is expecting her first child. "I was never pregnant and not fat," she wrote on Twitter.

Tiffani Thiessen/Valerie Malone:

After Doherty left the series, Thiessen joined the cast as the new vixen, Valerie Malone, after Thiessen's series "Saved by the Bell," where she played popular cheerleader Kelly Kapowski, ended.

A former neighbor of the Walshes, Val quickly shed her tame Midwestern manners (and the Kelly Kapowski typecast) and picked up where boisterous Brenda had left off. In real life, Thiessen and co-star Brian Austin Green began a seven-year romance that continued after Thiessen left the series in 1998. When that ended, Thiessen began seeing "Suddenly Susan" actor David Strickland, until he committed suicide in 1999.

Now, married to actor Brady Smith, Thiessen says she has the best of both worlds, a career and a fmily. On location in New York for the second season of "White Collar," she told a reporter, "It's a very different season for me than it was last year. Because I couldn't travel or fly because I was really, really pregnant when the season started...I shot here in Los Angeles on a studio with a green screen behind me."

Jennie Garth/Kelly Taylor

After landing her first starring role in "Growing Pains," Garth joined the original cast of "90210" and stayed through the end, winning a Young Artist Award along the way.

Garth played the popular teen queen Kelly Taylor, who faced some serious problems, including competing with Brenda for Dylan's affection. In the series' finale, Kelly reunited with Dylan. In real life, Garth has three daughters with actor Peter Facinelli.

When the new "90210" was announced, Garth, who starred alongside Amanda Bynes in the sitcom "What I Like About You," was one of the first original cast members to sign on. Garth's character Kelly is now a guidance counselor at West Beverly High.

Tori Spelling/Donna Martin

Ever since Spelling landed the role of Donna Martin on "90210," a series co-produced by her father, the famed television producer Aaron Spelling, she has fought to be seen as more than just a spoiled rich girl.

Spelling played naive and ditsy Donna, whose prim demeanor was a stark contrast to Brenda's. At the series' end, Donna remained a virgin, tying the knot with longtime love David.

Soon after Spelling joined "90210" she was on her own financially, she told ABC's "20/20." "I had a hit TV series, so I didn't really need [my parents] for anything," she said.

That changed when "90210" went off the air. Spelling says that at one point she owed hundreds of thousands of dollars on her credit card and that she came close to bankruptcy, all because of her "bad shopping habits."

In the next few years, Spelling, who inherited just under $1 million after her father's death in 2006, took just about any television job that would help her pay the bills. She launched her own jewelry line, and in 2007, along with her second husband, Dean McDermott, she launched a reality show called "Tori and Dean: Inn Love" that also featured the couple's son, Liam. The show returned for four seasons and introduced the couple's daughter, Stella.

In 2008, Spelling's memoir, "sTORI Telling," debuted at the top of the New York Times Best Seller list and was named the best celebrity autobiography of 2009. In the book, Spelling detailed her contentious relationship with her mother. "I love my mom. My mom loves me. We don't have an easy relationship," she told "20/20" in 2008. "I don't think we ever will, but I'd rather have a complicated, misunderstood relationship than have no relationship at all."

ABC is reportedly developing a daytime show for Spelling and a male co-host.

Luke Perry/Dylan McKay

Perry was actually 24 when he started playing the brooding millionaire's son Dylan McKay on "Beverly Hills, 90210," and he quickly became a teenage heartthrob.

The beau at the center of Kelly and Brenda's battles, Perry never seemed to be able to fully tear himself away from the glamorous TV show, and after taking a four-year hiatus in 1995, rejoined the cast until the series' end.

While on and off the show, he managed to make several films, including "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," "Normal Life" opposite Ashley Judd, and "The Fifth Element."

In the 2000s Perry, the 44-year-old divorced dad of two, had a slew of cameos. He parodied himself on "Family Guy," reunited with Garth on "What I Like About You," and sang a duet with Britney Spears at the 2001 MTV music awards. But one role he claims he'll never take is reprising Dylan on the new "90210."

"The difference between CW bringing something back and Aaron Spelling doing something is significant," he told a reporter. "And I cannot do it without Aaron."

Brian Austin Green/David Silver

Green landed his role on "Beverly Hills, 90210" after appearing on "Knots Landing" for three seasons. Though it took some time for the "90210" crew to warm up to the awkward, younger David Silver, the West Beverly Hills High School deejay soon became one of the cool kids.

In 1996, he tried a real-life career as a rapper, dropping his middle name and the album "One Stop Carnival." Following "90210," he appeared in the sitcom "Freddie," starring Freddie Prinze Jr., and "CSI Miami," before both were cancelled. He also had a recurring role in "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles."

But these days, Greene is known more for his personal life. After his breakup with Thiessen, he met actresss Vanessa Marcil, also on the set of "Beverly Hills, 90210," and they had a son, Kassius Lijah. In 2004, Green, now 36, began seeing Megan Fox, 24, and in June, after six years of dating and two engagements, the odd couple were married.

"They do genuinely care about each other," E! online gossip columnist Ted Casablanca told ABCNews.com. "It's not just for show. And she loves his kid [8-year-old Kassius]. She's crazy about that boy."

Green recently signed on for a multi-episode role on "Desperate Housewives."

Ian Ziering/Steve Sanders

Ian Ziering earned fame playing Steve Sanders, America's favorite frat boy, for the entire length of the show.

After the series ended, he failed to recapture that fame, making a few guest appearances on television shows. In 2007, he reached the semi-finals of "Dancing with the Stars" with partner Cheryl Burke.

Ziering's personal life is looking up, though. After his five-year marriage to playmate Nicky Schieler ended in divorce, Ziering, now 46, married nurse Erin Kristine Ludwig in May.

Gabrielle Carteris/Andrea Zuckerman

At 29, Gabrielle Carteris was the oldest cast member to portray a student on "Beverly Hills, 90210," when she was given the role of studious school newspaper editor Andrea Zuckerman.

After leaving the series in 1995, Carteris became the host of her own ill-fated television talk show, which lasted only one season. She again tried her hand in reality, appearing on the first season of "The Surreal Life" in 2003. Since "90210," the married mother of two has appeared in a few television movies and guest spots on television series.