Boy Video-Bombs Local TV Reporter With Dance Moves

A Las Vegas news reporter had a difficult task on Friday night -- trying to do a live TV shot about the opening of a new shopping center with a crowd of tweens screaming behind her.

That task was made even more difficult by one particular boy who took the chance for his 15 minutes of fame to the next level with a series of diva-esque dance moves.

The boy nodded his head, sashayed his hips and worked the camera as KLAS reporter Patranya Bhoolsuwan tried to deliver the news in front of him.

Even Bhoolsuwan admitted she stood no chance.

Bhoolsuwan’s tweets about the incident led to her connecting with the boy, who identifies himself as Brendan Jordan on Twitter.

Brendan, who did not reply to ABC News’ request for comment, appears to have just joined Twitter after the KLAS video made him a star.

His first tweet came this weekend, after the video went viral.

In another tweet, Brendan offers his advice for someone who tweets that they “wish I could slay like you.”