'Captain America: Civil War' Star Jeremy Renner Surprises 'GMA' Audience

They're going to an early IMAX screening of the highly-anticipated film.

May 4, 2016, 10:41 AM

— -- Not to be outdone by Jesse Palmer and his fellow “Captain America: Civil War” co-star Anthony Mackie over at Langley Air Force Base this morning, Jeremy Renner, who is reprising his role as Hawkeye in the highly-anticipated film, also had a surprise for members of the Air Force in the “Good Morning America” audience outside the Times Square studio.

The airmen and airwomen at “GMA” in New York are also getting an early IMAX screening of “Captain America: Civil War.”

Renner himself admitted he hasn’t even seen the complete movie yet, so watching it today with the airmen and airwomen will be a treat for him, also.

“I’d like to see the movie. Maybe I can with y’all,” the actor said. “Save me a seat, please.”

Renner also explained why his Hawkeye character is coming back out of retirement, so to speak, for this film.

“He had a debt to the Scarlet Witch because her brother saved my life essentially, and then this Cap called in need,” he explained. “I don’t think retirement suited him anyway. I think he tried golf and then it was hole in one, hole in one, hole in one, and he got kind of bored of it.”

Renner, 45, also says it was never an issue for Hawkeye to decide which side he would be on in the film’s civil war.

“I think it was because Cap was the first one to call, ultimately,” he said. “Even also, if he had a choice, he’d probably choose Team Cap anyway just because of that brotherhood in arms thing.”

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