Why Cristin Milioti Sobbed When She Found Out Her Character's Fate in 'How I Met Your Mother'

"I just burst into tears as soon as they told me," she explained.

Milioti had a very visceral reaction when she found out her character was going to die, so much so that she started crying.

"I just burst into tears as soon as they told me," she told Vulture. "I had to write an e-mail later that night to [co-creator] Craig [Thomas] being like, 'Hey, I'm really sorry I cried all over you at the Christmas party.' The way that he and Josh [Radnor, the actor who played Ted] explained it to me was, 'Well, Ted has two loves, and basically what we're trying to say is that life comes at you in ways you can never expect.' Once they put it that way, I understood it more. I was like, that's really involved and awesome."

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But at first, Milioti really was heartbroken that this woman Ted had spent 10 years trying to find was going to now die!

"At first I was like, 'But wait, no, he finally found her.' I had just caught up on all the seasons, so I said, 'But this dude's been looking for the mother of his kids forever,'" she added. "They were like, 'No, they had a wonderful marriage together and they had these two beautiful children and it's still super sad, but we want it to be lifelike.'"

She continued, "And that's how this show's always been. Marshall lost his dad. Robin finding out she can't have kids. They explained it was their plan from the beginning, and then I was along for it, along for the ride."

If you don't know "HIMYM," the main character Ted spends a decade looking for "the one" and Milioti ends up being that woman and the mother of his children. In the finale this past March, the wife dies after falling sick during a flash forward into Ted's future to end the show.

Fans were not happy about this ending and spoke up. One even sent the actress an alternate ending where Milioti's character lives.

"I was super touched, I'm not gonna lie. Because first of all, someone cares about this show so much, they took time out of their day. And that he felt the need to save this character," she continued. "That was hugely flattering. But on the same hand, I'm also sort of behind Craig and Carter [Bays, the show's other creator] on this one, because it was so brave of them to say, 'This is how we've always envisioned it, for nine years, whether the show ended after one season or whether it ended after 20, this is always going to be it.'"

"It's interesting because I feel like so much of our show has to do with dating and this day and age and the internet and Twitter and Facebook and all this stuff. But I actually think that even though it's all within that universe, of how easily you can track someone or how easily you can Google someone, I actually think it is about how none of that matters, that you are meant to meet the person you are meant to meet," she added.