'Dancing With the Stars' Contender Robert Herjavec Talks Divorce, Dancing and Overcoming Depression

It's been quite the year for Robert Herjavec.

— -- He's the standout star whose dancing has surprised even himself.

"She used to talk about how great it would be if I was on the show," Herjavec said.

But the “Dancing” contender found 2014 to be another challenging year after he said he contemplated suicide after splitting up with his wife of 24 years, Diane.

"I got to a point where there was no tomorrow for me," Herjavec said.

"I saw so much pain, so much loss and grief, but, yet, joy. It just stripped away everything for me and brought me back to a place of happiness,” the father of three said. "You have to have hope. I mean, somebody loves you. It's never the end and you've just got to believe that tomorrow's going to be a better day."

These days, Herjavec said he is finding great joy dancing on the ballroom floor.

"I don't think this could have come at a better time in my life," he said.

Herjavec and Johnson have displayed undeniable chemistry on the dance floor, sparking rumors about their relationship status.

"She's a great dancer and she's become a great friend,” he said, though he would not comment on their relationship status. “It's more than just the dancing. I think we just get along great!"

Herjavec even went so far as to offer his Ferrari to Johnson if they won the entire show -- though he has since gifted her a toy replica of the car.

"You know, sometimes you say stuff in the moment because it seems so impossible that we would win,” he clarified, “But every week as we go on, she reminds of that. We'll see if we get to the finals."

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