Actor Doug Hutchison, 51, Weds Aspiring Country Singer Courtney Alexis Stodden, 16

Aspiring singer Courtney Alexis Stodden got parental consent to marry actor.

ByABC News
June 21, 2011, 10:35 AM

June 21, 2011 — -- May-December romances aren't unusual. But when the bride can't yet vote and the groom is eligible to join AARP? That's extreme, even for Hollywood.

"Green Mile" and "Lost" actor Doug Hutchison, 51, revealed on Monday that he wed aspiring country singer Courtney Alexis Stodden, 16, in May.

"We're aware that our vast age difference is extremely controversial," the couple told E! News in a statement released by their spokesperson. "But we're very much in love and want to get the message out there that true love can be ageless."

Stodden's mother gave parental consent so the two could wed in Las Vegas.

"We are totally supportive of this marriage," Krista Stodden told "Doug is a wonderful man and we love him."

She added, ""Courtney was a virgin when she married Doug. She is a good Christian girl."

So, how did the two get involved? The fact that Stodden is signed to Hutchison's production company, Dark Water, might have something to do with it. A former beauty pageant queen (she competed for the title of Miss Teen Washington USA last year), Hutchinson is trying to make it as a country music crooner.

Celebuzz compiled a variety of her YouTube videos, including one where she talks for nearly seven minutes about overcoming bullying and explains that she wrote the song "Don't Put It On Me" (whose video features a pink-haired dog) to support victims of bullying.

Character actor Hutchison is probably best known for playing problematic prison guard Percy Wetmore in "The Green Mile." He also played DHARMA Initiative leader Horace Goodspeed in the TV drama "Lost" and has appeared in "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit," "Guiding Light" and "24."

He's also an author. According to his website, Hutchison recently penned a 99-page memoir titled "Hey, Guess What? Tom Hanks's S**t Smells, Too! (My Adventures in the Toilet of Tinseltown)." He is currently writing a children's book series based on his chihuahua, Everette.