Will Ferrell Plays Major League Baseball -- All the Best Moments

"I'm gonna have my game face on," he boasted before taking the field.

On Thursday, he got to be a player, too -- for more than one team.

"I'm actually hoping that the acting career is over after today. I think it's pretty much the feeling out here that I'm gonna land with one of these clubs," the actor told radio and TV personality Chris "Mad Dog" Russo before taking the field. "These teams need a clubhouse presence, and by presence I mean a 47-year-old flabby guy who doesn't know how to play."

"But I have life experiences, and I'm willing to do what it takes to get the job done," he continued. "I'm hoping to land a spot on the roster."

Throughout the day, Ferrell played for 10 teams in five games in Arizona. The experience will be a part of an HBO special from his comedy website, Funny or Die, which is set to air later this year. The memorabilia from the day will be auctioned on MLB.com, and the proceeds will be given to Cancer for College and Stand Up to Cancer.

"I'm gonna have my game face on," Ferrell promised.

Ferrell kicked off the first game by playing shortstop for the A's. However, his time with the team was short, as he was traded to the Mariners almost immediately. "The A's announced that Will Ferrell has been traded to the @Mariners for a CATBNL (Comedic Actor To Be Named Later). #FerrellTakesTheField," the Mariners announced on Twitter. He played second base for the Mariners.

As a kid, Ferrell rooted for the Angels, "before they became the L.A. Angels of Anaheim, Adjacent to L.A., Just Southern California, South, North of San Diego Angels," he joked. He kicked off game two playing for his hometown team, taking center field in place of Mike Trout and during his time on the field, successfully fielded the ball.

Afterward, he was traded to the Chicago Cubs, where he played first and coached third base.

Ferrell also batted, though he struck out!

In a blockbuster trade, the Arizona Diamondbacks acquired Ferrell from the Chicago Cubs in exchange for two specialty hot dogs -- a Churro dog and D-Bat dog -- before playing Cincinnati.

It's unclear if the hot dog he was later seen eating was one he was traded for.

Ferrell lined up in left field for the Diamondbacks.

Ferrell was later traded to the Reds and suddenly grew a lengthy grey beard. He played third base for Cincinnati.

Ferrell was on the move again later, arriving as a member of the Chicago White Sox via helicopter.

He struck out as a White Sox player and was quickly traded to the San Francisco Giants.

Ferrell pitched for the Dodgers before he was traded to the Padres to become San Diego's right fielder.

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