Frank Ocean slams Grammy producers, says show puts people 'to sleep'

The singer was responding to comments made by Ken Ehrlich and David Wild.

ByABC News
February 12, 2017, 4:02 PM

— -- Frank Ocean is swinging back at Grammy producers after they called the singer's 2013 Grammy performance "not great TV" and "faulty" in a recent interview.

Ken Ehrlich, who produces music's biggest night, and show writer David Wild told Rolling Stone that's the reason why Ocean is sitting out this year's awards show.

Ocean has been vocal about boycotting the Grammy Awards this year, along with Kanye West, claiming that the show has lost its relevancy.

The "Pink + White" singer posted a letter to Tumblr Saturday, trying to clarify the reason why he's not attending the awards show, which airs tonight.

"Yea yea, my 2013 performance at the Grammys was absolute s---," he wrote, after calling the producers "old."

"You think that's why I kept my work out of the Grammys process this year? Don't you think I would've wanted to play the show to 'redeem' myself if I felt that way?"

Ocean said that he actually wanted to participate in the awards show this year in the scheduled Prince tribute, but he's refusing.

"...And you know what's really not 'great TV' guys? '1989' getting Album of the Year over 'To Pimp a Butterfly,'" he wrote, referring to Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar's albums, respectively.

"Hands down one of the most 'faulty' TV moment I've seen. Believe the people. Believe the ones who'd rather watch select performances from your program on YouTube the day after because your show puts them to sleep," he added.

Ocean then offered that "if you're up for a discussion about the cultural bias and general nerve damage the show you produce suffers from then I'm all for it."

Other stars who may not attend this year are Justin Bieber, Drake and West. The latter said he's boycotting the Grammy Awards because Ocean's latest projects, "Blonde" and "Endless," weren't eligible for consideration this year.

Ocean's label, for reasons not made clear, missed the Sept. 30 deadline to submit Ocean's albums for consideration, according to Billboard.

Ocean's debut album "Channel Orange" was nominated for six Grammy Awards in 2013. He went on to win two.

ABC News has reached out to the Grammy Awards for a statement Sunday and so far has not received word back.

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