Gwen Stefani Tells Jimmy Kimmel Her New Single Is About Blake Shelton

"I will admit that song is about that guy," she said in an interview.

February 17, 2016, 10:01 AM

— -- On "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Tuesday night, the host welcomed Gwen Stefani, who talked about her new video for her latest single, "Make Me Like You."

The song, like the rest of her upcoming album, "This Is What the Truth Feels Like," is close to Gwen's heart, and she admitted it's about her boyfriend Blake Shelton.

"You had a neon sign that said 'Blake's' [in the video]," Kimmel mentioned. "Was that for Blake Lively or Blake Griffin?"

"That was just a coincidence, I don't know why they put [it]. That was weird," Stefani replied.

"That song is about Blake Shelton?" Kimmel asked. "It is, actually," Gwen said, laughing. "I will admit that song is about that guy."

Stefani implied the album was inspired by recent emotional turmoil. Stefani divorced Gavin Rossdale after 13 years of marriage.

"What's so crazy is like sometimes tragedy...if you really absorb it, you can turn it into something beautiful," she told Kimmel. "And this whole album is really about just taking something awful, and...healing from it, and turning it into something beautiful."

Stefani was also asked about her former No Doubt bandmates hiring a new singer, a development she said she heard about on the Internet. "They're doing a side project...It's not No Doubt. All the guys from No Doubt are doing a new band."

Kimmel told Stefani it "would have been something if they got Sammy Hagar to replace you."

"They should have done that!" she retorted.

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