'Harry Potter': New Hogwarts Books Coming From JK Rowling

Rowling just can't quit "the boy who lived."

ByABC News
August 18, 2016, 12:11 PM

— -- J.K. Rowling -- to the delight of fans -- is back with a new series of eBooks that will be "Short Stories from Hogwarts."

The announcement was made yesterday on Rowling's site Pottermore and the eBooks are coming next month!

The three books are titled "Heroism, Hardship and Dangerous Hobbies," "Power, Politics and Pesky Poltergeists" and "An Incomplete & Unreliable Guide."

"Pottermore is opening yet another door, with a new set of eBook shorts called 'Pottermore Presents,'" according to the site. "'Pottermore Presents' is a series of bite-sized eBooks that dig deep into the Harry Potter stories, with titbits taken from Pottermore’s archives and original writing from J.K. Rowling. The series offers Harry Potter fans added insights into the stories, settings and characters and were all lovingly curated by Pottermore."

The release of the books will be Sept. 6, coinciding with a "new term at Hogwarts – and each explores a different Hogwarts-related theme."

New details about Hogwarts ghosts, the Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts professor Minerva McGonagall will be revealed.

"So, for those who want to quench their thirst for more knowledge about the wizarding world, such as why the Black family bestow such odd names to their children, how a witch or wizard becomes a portrait, or what J.K. Rowling really thinks about Professor Umbridge, step right this way to find out," the release adds.

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