Helen Mirren Talks Married Life, Why She Never Had Children

The Oscar winner opens up to Peter Travers

ByABC News
December 5, 2016, 11:14 AM

— -- Oscar-winner Helen Mirren has been married to her husband, Taylor Hackford, for almost 20 years now, but the two were together for years before tying the knot.

The acclaimed British actress, 71, spoke today during a taping of "Popcorn With Peter Travers" about why it was important for her and the U.S. film director to take that leap back in 1997. Mirren had her classic mix of humor and wit when explaining.

"It wasn't what he did, it was what the IRS did," she said, laughing, about finally tying the knot. "As the reality dawned upon us ... we realized it was probably a good idea to make the move."

She added that "also, all of our family around us wanted it. I think it made them feel more like we're one big family."

After she spoke fondly of her big family and Hackford's two children, Travers asked whether children were ever in the equation for the "Collateral Beauty" star.

"No," she said. "I was always too engaged in my life as an actress. ... At that time, I couldn't comprehend that you could incorporate a child into that without letting a child down in some way."

She continued, "It was never an absolute conscious decision, it was just, 'Oh, maybe next year, maybe next year, until really there was no next year."

But Mirren says she has no regrets about not bearing kids, especially given her close family and life with Hackford, 71.

"I have fabulous children in my family and I have family," she said. "And friends."