Judd Apatow says disagreements with wife Leslie Mann make for a 'healthy' marriage

The Hollywood couple has been married for 22 years.

November 11, 2019, 3:34 PM

Filmmaker, producer and comedian Judd Apatow appeared on "The View" on Monday where he addressed a spat between him and his wife Leslie Mann, which made headlines in October.

The dispute was first reported on Oct. 15 by Page Six, which said that the couple had been in a "screaming match" outside a trendy Los Angeles restaurant. In response to Page Six's request for comment, Apatow said, "That was just the fight at Katsuya; you should have heard the rest of it at Pinkberry."

On "The View" Monday, Apatow joked, "I've been married for 22 years. I have fought in every restaurant in Los Angeles: McDonald's, In-N-Out Burger, Nobu — you name it."

PHOTO: Judd Apatow joins "The View," Nov. 11, 2019.
Judd Apatow joins "The View," Nov. 11, 2019.
Nicolette Cain/ABC

Co-host Joy Behar asked Apatow about what the longtime couple was fighting about. They could fight about "anything," he said, but that the discussion outside of Katsuya in October was more of a "tiff."

"We engage and I think that's why our relationship is healthy," Apatow said. "Then you get a call, like, 'What do you say? We saw you guys, that you were, like, debating something in a restaurant.' I was, like, really? Have you been married? Do you know what marriage is?"

Mann and Apatow have worked on several projects with each other, including co-writing the film "This Is 40" together. In 2009, Mann told ABC News Now's "Popcorn With Peter Travers" that some of the female characters in Apatow's films are derived from their interactions in their marriage to each other.

One of those interactions inspired the scene in "Knocked Up," for example, when Ben (Seth Rogen) gets kicked out of the car by Alison (Katherine Heigl) on their way to see the gynecologist.

"We had a fight going to the gyno's office when I was pregnant for the first time," Mann said. "I kicked him out the car. He deserved it. It was fun to see it onscreen."

"I have such a good time with Judd," she added. "He's so great; such a great director. I get to have input and go into the editing room. ... It's the perfect situation."

Mann also told "Popcorn With Peter Travers" that she and Apatow have gotten better at fighting over time.

"I used to hold grudges," she said. "Now, I let them go because I have a bad memory."

The power couple has two daughters, Maude and Iris Apatow. Maude Apatow, who has pursued acting like her mother, stars in the hit HBO series "Euphoria," which follows a group of high school students navigating a world of drugs, sex and social media.

PHOTO: Judd Apatow joins "The View," Nov. 11, 2019.
Judd Apatow joins "The View," Nov. 11, 2019.
Nicolette Cain/ABC

Luckily for Judd Apatow, it's not hard to watch the show with his daughter because she plays the "good girl," Lexi Howard.

"I'm just happy she has a job. My daughter went to college. She left and I was, like, 'Oh, I hope she gets a job,'" Judd Apatow said. "Then I realized that for her whole life I put away $10,000 a year to pay for college, right? When she quit, I actually made $130,000!"

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