Judge Judy, 'Brady Brunch' Co-Star Christopher Knight Remember Their Friend Florence Henderson

She "told a great dirty joke," Judge Judy said of her friend.

ByABC News
December 22, 2016, 10:52 AM

— -- Though most people may remember actress Florence Henderson as iconic matriarch Carol Brady from the TV series “The Brady Bunch,” her TV son Christopher Knight says she was also just one of the “guys.”

“As feminine and as classy and proper as she was, she was a guy’s woman, you know?” Knight, who played Peter Brady on the hit show, recalled to ABC News’ “20/20.” “She could hang out with the guys, and she really could tell a good dirty joke.”

Knight and Henderson’s friend Judge Judith Sheindlin, the host of the TV court show “Judge Judy,” spoke with ABC News’ “20/20” about the fond memories they had of the famous TV actress. Henderson passed away on Nov. 24 at the age of 82.

Sheindlin said Henderson was far removed from her "Brady Bunch" character.

“Florence didn’t have an image,” Sheindlin told “20/20.” “People who knew Flo well know that she was a saucy and spicy sense of humor, told a great dirty joke -- was never the shy retiring Mrs. Brady that people often thought of her as.”

According to Sheindlin, Henderson grew up poor. Her mother left the family when Henderson was a teenager. When she arrived in New York to pursue acting, she had few possessions with her.

“And because of her … talent and just spirit, that can-do spirit, she landed within six months her first Broadway job, and she never stopped working,” Sheindlin said.

Sheindlin and Knight say they will remember Henderson for being a wonderful friend and parent.

“I think Florence would like to be remembered as a person who brought people joy. She would love to be remembered as a person who told a good joke, and that she brought them humor and humanity and comfort to people. And she made everybody feel good, smile. [She] left a smile on people’s faces,” Knight said.

Sheindlin added, “Flo was one of those ageless and timeless people that you really expect to be around forever.”

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