Ken Jeong explains why he took a 10-year break from stand-up comedy

"Stand-up is by far the hardest form of entertainment," the comedian said.

Comedian Ken Jeong opened up about why he almost didn't return to stand-up comedy during his appearance on "The View" Tuesday.

While working on his acting career, starting a family and helping his wife, Tran, be treated for breast cancer, the doctor-turned-actor took a decade-long break from stand-up. He returned to the stage in 2019 for his first-ever stand-up special, "Ken Jeong: You Complete Me, Ho."

"I really kind of didn't know if I would actually come back to stand-up," Jeong said on "The View."

"Stand-up is by far the hardest form of entertainment. I mean, I over act well, you know, and I do other things well," he continued. "But, stand-up is really the hardest art form."

Before Jeong got his start in acting, he did stand-up comedy on the side, he told "Good Morning America" in 2016.

Fellow comedian and co-host of "The View" Joy Behar noted that stand-up comedy feels like "you're naked" on stage and "everybody else is dressed."

"I have been naked in movies," Jeong joked about going fully nude in a scene of "The Hangover." "Being naked on stand-up -- emotionally naked -- is even worse."

"I'm kind of back in the flow and I just really love doing stand-up comedy and I appreciate all the love," he added.

One of Jeong's first big breaks in stand-up comedy was on "The View" in 2001 when hilarious doctors were called upon to share jokes with the co-hosts of the daytime talk show.

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