Meghan Trainor on 'Me Too' Photoshop Controversy: 'That's Not Me'

The singer said she thought it was her fans Photoshopping her at first.

ByABC News
May 13, 2016, 9:00 AM

— -- Grammy Award-winner Meghan Trainor’s highly anticipated new album, “Thank You,” is officially out today, and the musical powerhouse spoke to “Good Morning America” about the recent Photoshopping controversy surrounding the music video for her new single, “Me Too.”

“When it was up, I saw my fans posting clips of this dance scene and I was like, ‘Why are the fans messing with my waist?’ and then I looked at my video and I was like, ‘It’s my own video,’” Trainor, 22, said of the moment she realized her body had been slimmed down for the video.

“And my glam squad was like, ‘That’s not your waist,’ And I was like, ‘I know that’s not my waist.’ It made me skinnier than the dancers next to me who are dancers.”

The Grammy-nominated artist sings "Me Too" live on "GMA."
The Grammy-nominated artist sings "Me Too" live on "GMA."

The singer added that she “worked so hard on this video,” with her entire family joining her for the editing process as they examined every detail, so she immediately knew something was wrong.

“I love the director and I love this video and we’re so proud of this, but I had to call up the head of Vevo and say, ‘Take it down, that’s not me. I need to fix this now as soon as I can,’” she explained.

The musical powerhouse, known for inspiring women to embrace their shape no matter their size, said she doesn’t understand how the decision was made to slim her waist down, especially with how body image-proud she is as an artist.

“I don’t know how you would shave my waist off. Like me, as the ‘All About That Bass’ girl,” said Trainor. “I didn’t want this song to be the new anthem for Photoshop, but obviously it’s still a big issue and we’re still talking about it.”

In addition to releasing her new album today, Trainor is keeping busy performing live on the Billboard Music Awards on May 22 and kicking off her huge "Untouchable Tour" on July 14.