Mel Gibson on Directing His Son Milo in Latest Film, 'Hacksaw Ridge'

"Hacksaw Ridge" is in theaters Friday.

ByABC News
November 1, 2016, 9:36 AM

— -- Mel Gibson is back in the director's chair with his latest film, "Hacksaw Ridge."

The Academy Award winner joined "GMA" this morning for his first-ever live interview after a nearly 10-year hiatus to discuss his new film about an American soldier who fought on the front lines in WWII without a weapon.

"It's so inspiring," Gibson said. "This is the pinnacle of heroism, a man who is a conscientious objector, will not kill no matter what...he stands by his convictions. He's persecuted in the Army. He goes through it. He goes to the epicenter of combat, hell on earth and he something amazing. He saves their lives without firing a weapon in constant peril. He's something else and it's a true story, which is almost unbelievable."

Although "Hacksaw Ridge" takes place in the 1940s, Gibson said he wanted to demonstrate what veterans go through today.

"I think it gives empathy because a lot of people can't understand what these guys are suffering from and particularly today, there's a lot of PTSD," he said. "There's a lot of guys dropping the hammer on themselves and it's a serious problem we need to pay more attention to and I hope the film can focus on that."

The movie, which has received a lot of Oscar buzz, stars big names like Andrew Garfield and Vince Vaughn.

"These guys are professionals," Gibson said of the cast. "They're so good at what they do. This is not 'Wedding Crasher' Vince. Vince is always going to be intrinsically fun, but he's fantastic. [Andrew] did such a great job. I'm really proud of him. I'd like to work with this guy all the time. He's amazing."

Gibson's 26-year-old son, Milo Gibson, also appears in the film.

"He doesn't listen to me, he never has," Gibson joked of directing Milo. "Why should he start now? I give him suggestions. I find with kids, especially when they're teenagers, if you keep talking at them you find out that they heard everything later. They scare you to death and then you find out, it all resonated at some point."

"Hacksaw Ridge" is in theaters Friday.